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JustLady Calendar is a complete solution for women (See all)

JustLady Calendar is a complete solution for women that allows them to know everything about their menstrual cycle. The first thing to do is complete some information about your cycle parameters, including last menstruation date, cycle length, menstruation length and luteal phase length. Then, you must specify your goal: avoid pregnancy, conceive (any gender), conceive a boy, conceive a girl or any goal. According to the desired goal, the calendar will mark with very clear signs the different cycle days (safe days, lunar days, no intercourse, etc.), the nearest menstruation and the nearest ovulation. The calendar also allows you to keep track of your menstrual cycles and view that information in the "Cycles History" . Another thing this calendar has to offer is a complete analysis of biorhythms marked with different colors and they show in percentages the physical, intellectual, emotional, intuitive, and average days. All the information provided, including calendar and biorhythms charts can be printed.

The calendar is really beautiful and offers a very intuitive user interface. It is also very customizable and you can configure everything to your liking from the Settings menu. The program even allows you to add fiends using the same program and compare their cycle information with yours.

In short, JustLady Calendar is a very completely solution for ladies that allows them to have everything they need to know about their menstrual cycles in one place, avoid undesired pregnancies and even conceive a baby of a particular gender.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Very easy to use
  • Provides detailed information
  • Nice biorhythm charts
  • It includes a gender predictor


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